MS320TB – Mic Stand with Telescopic Boom

The Proline MS320TB Mic Stand with Telescopic Boom provides both live performers and studio musicians with an affordable, feature-rich stand for years of reliable use.

Its 7lb weight ensures a secure foundation for heavier microphones while its 26″ base spread mitigates accidental tips and knock overs. A die-cast clutch offers outstanding reliability over inferior plastic clutches, and its minimum-twist features means easier adjustments on the fly.

The MS320TB’s telescopic boom arm provides a 20″ to 36″ range for precise mic placement at all angles. Non-slip rubber feet reduce mic-stand creep and floor-vibration feedback. The steel construction and premium build quality means your MS320TB will last through years of heavy travel and usage.

• Steel construction for years of service
• Die-cast steel clutch with minimum-twist control
• Robust 7lb weight for increased microphone stability
• 26″ base spread mitigates accidental knock overs
• 36″ to 64″ stand height adjustment
• 20″ to 36″ telescopic boom arm adjustment
• Non-slip rubber feet prevent mic-stand creep


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