UH5 – Solid Wood Ukulele/Mandolin Wall Hanger

For the ukulele/mandolin player who is looking for a decorative guitar wall hanger to display or store their instrument, the Proline UH5 Solid Wood Ukulele/Mandolin Wall Hanger is designed with elegant genuine hardwood for a classic yet modern look that complements any décor.

Plus, its generously padded, rotating yoke is engineered to hold a wide range of headstock designs, cradling your instrument safely and securely. Best of all, their longer screw and robust drywall anchors deliver solid, superior attachment into a variety of wall types.

• Made with premium hardwoods for an elegant look
• Adjustable, rotating yoke fits a multitude of headstock designs
• Generously cushioned yoke securely cradles your instrument
• Hardware pack includes long screws and robust drywall anchors to securely mounts to various wall types


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